Pharmacogenetics of female health.

Empowering women and clinicians with the knowledge to make safe and personalised birth control decisions.

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Choosing contraception is important. We're here to make it right.

Womens’ bodies and needs are unique and thus true personalisation comes from understanding medical, genetic and personal factors. We believe that all women deserve to know their unique biology to make informed decisions about their reproductive health.

The contraception crisis is real

Women are prescribed birth control in a fast, inaccurate and non-personalised manner. Taking contraception that doesn’t suit them, often leads to side-effects. Common ones include depression, headaches, irregular bleeding, and loss of libido.

Side effects

8/10 women suffer from side effects of contraception.


Consultations with doctors are too short to find the right fit.


On average, women try 3.5 different methods before finding the right match.

“I felt the general attitudes towards women’s health issues were 'it is what it is' and basically to get on with it. I never felt truly heard or listened to.”

Wait, what do you do?


At Dama Health, we’re using our pharmacogenetic research to offer women and clinicians personalised contraception recommendations using a genetic test and an automated matching system – our approach takes womens’ preferences, medical history and specific requirements into account and matches them with suitable contraceptive types – and is the first of its kind.

About us

We are a team of scientists, gynocologists and female health specialists who have come together to help advance the science in women's health.



Medical scientist, Business builder






Medical Student, NHS Clinical Entrepreneur

"This is a great idea. Not only is there often little time to personalise contraceptive advice but giving information about all of the risks to enable informed decision making is a challenge."

Dr Tom Micklewright, MD

We're not alone

Supported by a group of renowned organisations.

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